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We invite applications from editors with strong academic/industry background and research exposure for the following bi-annual journals:

  1. Law Press Journal on Constitutional Law (LP-JCL)
  2. Law Press Criminal Law Journal (LP – CrLJ)
  3. Law Press Corporate Law Journal (LP – CLJ)
  4. Law Press Technology Law Journal (LP – TLJ)
  5. Law Press Innovation & Intellectual Property Rights Journal (LP – IIPRJ)
  6. Law Press Contemporary Legal Affairs Journal (LP – CLAJ)
  7. Law Press Journal on International Law (LP – JIL)

 For every journal applications for the following roles are invited: 

  1. Managing Editor (PhD Scholars and academicians preferred)
  2. Senior Editor (Graduate law students preferred)
  3. Two Junior Editors (Law students preferred)
  4. Two Submission Managers (Law students preferred)

Applicants with significant publishing or reviewing and administrative experience will be preferred. Below we define editor role, their responsibilities and benefits & privileges they get after joining Law Press.

  • Have comprehensive vision for the journal.
  • Determine and refine scopes and topics for the journal.
  • Conduct peer-review for at least 4 papers per year.
  • Circulate Call for Papers to colleagues, academics and professional connections to secure timely publication of journal issues.
  • Actively promote the journal to libraries and research centers.
  • Promotion of the journals to libraries, research centers, authors, institutes/universities, conferences/seminars etc.
  • Recruit editors for the journal to conduct peer-review of assigned manuscripts.
  • Improve quality of peer-review process to improve journal impact factor.
  • Work to index journal in well-known indexers, databases and websites.
  • Launch special issues for the journal highlighting latest topics.
  • Increases the journal’s profile using websites, social media and email communications.
  • Contribute to and edit the Law Press blog.

Benefits and Privileges:

  • Editor’s name and affiliation will be listed on our website.
  • Editors can publish 1 paper per year in journal issues free of charge after getting acceptance.
  • Testimonial letters will be provided confirming editorial collaboration with Law Press and the respective journal.
  • Editors will be invited to launch or participate in Special Issue.


Please submit your application by 31st March, 2019 by clicking HERE

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