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Law Press welcomes submissions of Research Papers, Articles, Essays, and Book Reviews.

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We request that contributors comply with the following standards:

Electronic Submission
Submissions to Law Press Journals must be made through our Online Submission System located here. We do not accept submission by any other mode.

Length Limitations
We strongly prefer articles under 10,000 words in length — the equivalent of 20 pages — including text and footnotes. Length in excess of 15,000 words — the equivalent of 30 pages — will weigh significantly against selection. However, this word limit is not binding and can be waived in appropriate circumstances.

Citation Format
Please use footnotes rather than endnotes. Text and Footnotes should conform to the rules in the latest edition of the Bluebook. However, any uniform system of citation is also acceptable. The system of citation used (if not THE BLUEBOOK) must be specified during submission.


  1. Two Editors of the Editorial Board will review each submission and either accept or reject the paper for further reviews. In case of a tie, the Managing Editor will also review the submission. Submissions may be preliminarily rejected without complete review if the topic does not fit the objectives of the journal. On acceptance, authors may receive suggestions from Editors on changes to be incorporated before subjecting the paper to mandatory peer review.
  2. Two blind peer-reviewers with expertise in the subject matter will provide detailed feedback on submissions that have cleared the first stage of review. Publication in the Journal will be contingent on incorporating these changes within the given deadline.
  3. One Line Editor will review the submission for citation, spelling and grammar errors with feedback on consistency in style and tone, which will be sent back to the Author for confirmation before being published.

To facilitate our anonymous review process, please do not mention biographical information or references, including the name(s) of the author (s), affiliation(s) and acknowledgements in the text of the manuscript, file name or document properties. All such information should only be shared during submission through our Online Submission System.

Expedited Review
Authors are also required to inform the Editorial Board if they have submitted their manuscript to another law journal and if they have received an offer of publication. Authors may request an expedited review on this basis. It shall be within the discretion of the Editorial Board to grant an expedited review.

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